Monday, April 21, 2008


We have a problem. Actually, Paco has a problem. No, it's me - I have the problem. You see, I hate port-a-pottys, port-a-john's, outhouses, whatever you want to call 'em - I hate 'em. They're dirty. Scary. Gross. And just plain EEEWWWHH!

And Paco is facinated with them. All of them. Every single one. He has to "go." Good Friday he went SIX times in 2 hours. Thus, the above photo. I cleaned it up because he got embarassed that you could see his bum bum. (Say it fast, like pom pom.) In fact, he got tired of me sneaking up to catch him going AGAIN that he started doing this:

What can I say? For as much I can't stand these places, he likes them. I will HOLD IT FOREVER if I can so I don't have to use these. I'd rather pee in the wild than use one of these things. So, it's hard for me to pull over at every construction site we see that has a port-a-potty. I draw the line here. I don't pull over all the time but I do sometimes. 'Cause how do you know when he's really gotta go and when he just wants to use the port-a-potty and "terilize my hands?" (That's sterilize in Paco's lingo). He loves the hand sanitizer dispensers, too. So, he can't be all that weird, right? Like's the dirty loo but is at least willing to sterilize his hands afterwards? Good boy.

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