Friday, July 18, 2008

La Playa

Three Amigos: Brady (L), Troy (Center), Reggie (R)

July 1st is the date - the official date - after 26 years, I finally got my Mom back. She has officially retired and is 100% ready to be Nana. And have 6 Saturdays in a row before Sunday rolls around again. ;)

Back to Mexico - and la playa (the beach). We walked to the beach from our house. Thankfully, the house comes with nice big beach towels, two very nice umbrellas and chairs. Oh. and tanning mats! Nana bought some cheap beach toys for the little boys to play with and we were off! Boogie boards come with the house, too, and we took turns trying our hand, err, body, at surfing.
Here's G-Dad with our whole set-up. The place behind it had an infinity pool and bar.

I got in and body surfed some. Lost my top but thankfully found it. Got a wedgie but Brady assured me that he was getting them too and it was "normal." So, I told 'em not to look after I rode a wave!!!

Roy and Paco surfed some and got a nice wave for Paco.

We had some amazing cinnamon rolls from Sweet Things this morning. G-Dad and Roy delivered them to us. Very delicious and about 30 pesos for gargantous rolls.

"Inch worm Javi." He knew it was downhill so he scootched down to the water.
Nana wasn't that thrilled to have him in the ocean so she went, too.
Aren't the marks in the sand cute from his body?!

It was nice to be so close to the beach 'cause when G-Dad and Javi got tired, they went back to the house and the rest of us could stay and play! Nana went back, too, to rest. It was overcase and breezy; which makes it not so humid - thus not so hot! Where the wind would have made it cold on the Oregon coast, it made it very nice here. The water was perfect temp. Cold enough to make you want to get it but nice enough to be able to stay in and not go numb. Can you tell I'm a West Coast girl??? Brrrr! The water is really salty - duh. How do I forget how salty it is? Man alive, it dries white on our skin and really takes a toll on our hair.

From journal: "People walk by ~ mostly tourists and vendors. Birds are chirping, waves are crashing and kids are laughing."
Bucerias has a very nice centro. There's the church in the middle of it all, of course, and a neat regressed stadium for shows, school events, concerts and the locals to play in. We gave each kid 50 pesos tonight for dinner. They could spend all or none but it was dinner. The plan? Taco stands. The boys spent all of theirs and had full tummy's. The girls? Well, one taco was 8 pesos and that's what Sky ate.... Melynda ate 2 tacos for 16 pesos so they made money on us. :)
We ate at an Italian place that overlooks the plaza. While the prices seemed really steep, it ws nice to see the kids walking around and eating in the plaza below.

Lots of taco stands, candy vendors, icecream, little markets and souvenier stands. "I think I'll buy something for a blog giveaway..."

Coming home, Roy led us on a direct route that took us through Lover's Lane. Pretty neat place - you know, so romantic with 7 kids and our parents...

Fun day at the beach - eating, swimming, walking and resting. Fun day.

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