Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Life

Hopefully, you are following Michael Phelps, I mean the Olympics - they are so good and exciting!!! My friend Heather certainley is. I'm sure this is one reason we maintain our friendship - because we both care about world events, come on now.

What else have we been up to?

Roaring Springs Water Park - twice. I might even go again...

Visiting the Public Library.

Watching the Snake River Stampede in which Paco has decided he wants to be a mutton buster next year. You have to be 5 years old so he'll be a young one. Is this not a frightful thing for a mother to endure?
We've also had swim lessons for Melynda, Sky and Paco at the YMCA.
Attended Vacation Bible School where the kids memorized Phillipians 4:13 NIV
Obviously, you know we went to Mexico... just read here a few times and you'll get that figured out...
We had our annual drive-in movie experience and saw Kung Fu Panda. I so love the drive-in.
Attended Yearly Meeting in Oregon.
Had snow cones on a hot July day.
Been to The Reel Theater many times already this summer.
Last night went to the Caldwell Night Rodeo and Chuckwagon Dinner... this morning hit the Buckaroo Breakfast to help ring in MELYNDA's 14th BIRTHDAY!!!!!
We had a camp out in our yard but leave soon for our family reunion that is a camp out for a long weekend. YEAH!!!
All that's left is a BBQ/Picnic at the lake, swimming at our friend Greg's, seeing a movie at Edwar'ds and watching Grease with my daughters.
Wow, that makes me tired just seeing all we've done! And school doesn't start til Sept 2nd!

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