Tuesday, September 02, 2008

School Again - Finally!

We finally had our 1st day of school! Today all three of my school bound kids went to school. It's an exciting year for us as Melynda and Sky are going to Greenleaf Friends Academy! They got up extra early this morning and the adrenaline and excitement made it fun but that part won't last, I don't care where you go to school. ha!

Melynda. All "freshman in high school" cool.

Cute little close up of her. And last year...

Sky is living with us now full-time and is in 5th grade at G.F.A. Here she was last year.

Is that jumper not the cutest thing ever?!?! What's even better than it being part of the new dress code for elementary students? SHE LIKES IT and so do I. How often does that happen...

Yesterday we made a mad dash to the big city and the girls found these darling Bobby Jack sweatshirts at Sears. On sale. And they bought them with their own money. That translates into they will actually take care of them now since they made the investment. I love that, too.

We had to wait for "the bus" this morning as we weren't sure exactly what time it was coming. So, we were ready at 7:00 and it came at 7:30. Long wait for all of us... but aren't they cute watching the front?

Here is "the bus." We had no idea what to expect so it was just an exciting morning all the way around. Here's their Daddy helping them in on their first day.

Paco started this morning and it's so different than his first first day. Today he was happy to be there, wanted to be there and there were no tears. Ahhh. I did tell him he had to speak Spanish at school and he promised me he would. Thursday we have treats so that will be a special day, too.

It is so hard to get a good picture when he's singing a song.

Now, I have two big boys to get off to college and then it will be Javi and me. That will sure be a change.

I love school time. I love my kids love school. I love my kids. I love that they go to school and then come home - we all like the time apart and then getting together again. I love the quiet. Ahhhhh. Close my eyes and breathe deeply. Wait, that was hours ago, there are 6 people besides me around here. Shoot! I need to get Roy gone, the big boys gone, the dog napping, the baby napping..... maybe tomorrow. ;)

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  1. Great pictures! I didn't know the girls were going to a new school this year...that's great! I can't get over how "grown up" Paco looks! Hope to see you soon!


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