Friday, September 26, 2008

Basil Jelly

When I first told you about my basil jelly waayy back in 2006, I was unprepared for the continued rave reviews I get each time I serve it.

It's different. It's made from basil - I hope you figured that part out already.... and it's green. Really green because I add - gasp - green food coloring. Why? Because my kids like it really green.

Moving on - here's some of my basil - all natural, no sprays or nuttin' added:

And, here are some finished jars!

So, you know I've done oven-canned tomatoes - gasp - and almost step -by - step instructions on canning green beans. Today I shared with you a new recipe that did NOT disappoint! I've also canned jalapeno jelly but need to see if there are any pictures of that one. What's to come? Well, I've got a pear story to share with you and one about a few peaches...a lot of plums and a crazy woman with six kids who actually enjoys canning. But, I'm not the only one who's been busy - here's a recipe I am going to have to try, especailly since the cooler weather means pancakes each Sunday morning!!! WOOT!

So, aside from the hustle and bustle of life, I will be sharing some more canning stories from my world. I've got some to share, that's for sure! I even have a flop to share - boo hoo hoo!

So stay tuned - I know I'm sporadic. Oh, and next week..... a giveaway!

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