Friday, February 06, 2009

Comfort Food

Tuesday was not a good day. My mother took pity upon us and made me, okay us, a comfort food meal. I choose Biscuits and Hamburger Gravy! She hasn't cooked like this on a regular basis since her kids were at home and the boys were there to "put away food." My dad does NOT to eat this kind of food as he is uh.... "on a diet." Okay, he's not on a diet but perhaps he should "watch what he eats." (LOVE YA, DAD!!! We just wantcha around for a LONG LONG LONG time!!!!!)

Anyway, my Mom came through and ended my day delightfully:

Fluffy, from scratch, biscuits for us to devour!!!

And my favorite, HAMBURGER gravy. I have always preferred hamburger gravy over sausage - always!!!

And the bowl that the gravy is in is called: "The Gravy Bowl." You may think that fairly un-original but that's just what it is. This gravy bowl was used by my Grandma (Mom's mom) for GRAVY. And it's used by my Mom for GRAVY and I know that someday, years and years from now, I will have it in my kitchen to serve GRAVY in. (Unless one of my brother's get it, I guess...) Anyways, it doesn't matter how much gravy you need to serve, you serve it in this bowl and then just refil the bowl. That's the way it's always been and there is no need to change it generations later.

Thanks, Mom. Let's do this again soon, okay? I love you!


  1. Doris2:08 PM

    Thanks for this. I've always loved B&G-and I like hamburger best, too, or a mixture of both hamburger and sausage. Sometimes the biscuits in restaurants are not the kind I like and grew up with!!. Think you made a very good choice!! Think every family has at least one piece of "dishes" that is an old stand by and will be kept in the family for a long time-this gravy bowl certainly looks this part-and it is!!

  2. Oh yum.....Personally, I'm not much of a flour gravy gal but my family LOVES it. But what I'm REALLY in love with is your Pampered Chef Bar Pan. Have one that looks exactly like it - getting that beautiful patina. Ain't it great?


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