Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday Supersize It! Foodwaste Confessional

I signed up for the Food Reduction Challenge and I'm pleased to report a GREAT first week!!!

Monday we had leftovers from Potluck and Superbowl. No waste.

Tuesday - we ate supper at my parent's house after my day from the bad place. She made the best comfort food Biscuits and Hamburger Gravy!!! We ate all the biscuits and eggs and drank all the O.J. and what little gravy was left, she sent home with us and we ate it for lunch on bread the next day - delicious! No waste.

Wednesday - Soup made with Potlcuk and Superbowl leftovers. No waste! Superbowl and Potluck food almost gone!

Thursday - Pulled Pork (from Superbowl) enchiladas, Spanish rice and lentil/blackbean beans. Put leftover enchiladas, rice and beans to be used for future lunches. No waste! (Pulled pork is gone, now. That was the last of the Potluck and Superbowl food!!!)

Friday - lunch was leftover enchiladas, rice and beans.

I think I finally embarassed my husband last week. We went out to dinner before a basketball game. There was a special that we could get to feed all 4 of us, deluxe fajitas. So, DH and my parents and I ordered that to share. Oh my! TONS of food on the hot plate! We ate til we were full and all the meat was gone. There were still many grilled delicious veggies on the plate.... so I asked for a "doggy bag." Not for Zorro, but for us! I put all the leftover rice, beans, salsa and veggies in the container and I really think DH was caught a little off guard. They couldn't fathom what I would do with that food..... next night - SOUP! I mixed up some vegetable broth and pureed the veggies. Then I added in the rice and viola! supper for pennies!!!! He knew what it was, liked it and so did everyone else!!! Score! And NO WASTE!!!

Friday supper - spicy shrimp and pasta for date night. Ate all the shrimp had pasta left over. Saved it for...

Saturday Breakfast - DH's delicious pancakes - leftover pancakes saved.

Saturday Lunch - PB&J pancake roll-ups! Creative and delicious!!! NO WASTE!

Supper - Made some extra pasta to make a complete meal, added last night's noodles to the batch, topped with Alfredo Sauce - YUMMY! No waste!!!

I am loving this challenge! We're are so much aware now and I've really made an extra effort not to throw food out! The children are more aware, too! YEAH!

I don't have a picture but one day Javi didn't eat all his oatmeal and there's a few spoonfulls that went to the worms. The other morning though, when the two little boys didn't eat all that I had given them, I saved it the fridge and they'll eat it in morning for breakfast. ;)

Great first week!!!! Thanks!

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  1. Good for YOU!! Love the soup idea! I am committed to the same thing. I keep telling my kids that every thing we throw out is like throwing out money. I just made a huge clam chowder tonight that will feed us again tomorrow and will be enough to bless a friend with. And I love sharing food. It's another great way to never waste. (As if I'll never waste again. But I'm trying!)


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