Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Favorite Things - Matching Travel Shirts!

Perhaps you remember when we went to Mexico last year... there were 11 of us. To help keep track of everyone, I tie-dyed green shirts in as many sizes as they make white shirts! Here we all are last year. The shirts were wonderful and they saved our bacon both coming and going in the airports. We vowed never to travel again without them!

As you can see, we look like a group traveling together. That, my friends, is the point!! Especially with little ones in tow... here we are in the airport:

I used teal shirts this year and then took the color out in the same process of tie-dying.... not exactly what I set out for but it turned out. I started out with white shirts but they got totally dyed teal - no tie dye. So, in sheer panic mode, I reversed the process using the tie-dye method and LOVED the results.

Here Mom and I are at Disney World. I made special shirts for the boys this day. Still the tie-dye but I added a special iron on transfer and used material marker to make the backs unique. They loved them!!! The shirts served their purpose at DW, too.

We took last years shirts along and wore them when we went to Gatorland. I'll tell you about our time later, but this park was by far my favorite and I'm so glad we went! Here is my Dad and the little boys in our "Mexico shirts" as we refer to them.
And all of us, in our"Mexico Shirts" at Gatorland.

Traveling and going to tourist places can be crazy! To help ease some of the stress, we travel in unique tie-dye shirts, made by yours truly. People love them and are always complimenting and commenting on them. It's fun and like I said, we've decided it's worth the effort to have them. I enjoy doing this for my family and it's super affordable since you do the work. I use the RIT dyes or in this case, dye and then color remover. I'd advise to just buy colored shirts and then remove the color if that's what you're going for instead of the way I did it this year. :)
Anyway, this is for sure, one of my favorite things!

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  1. I wish I had read this before my sister left for Disney this week. It's a great idea.


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