Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Days Gone By

Do you ever find yourself lost in digital picture land? That's where I find myself today and I just can't believe how quickly time passes until I look at these photos.

I see photos like this where my nephews are single and my daughters are so very young:

I see my little girls as just that, little girls and can't believe Melynda finishes Driver's Ed this week. I see Sky and her sweet little smile and can't believe she's old enough to have braces on her teeth. I see my niece Ging and can't believe she's going to be in middle school!

I mean, really! Look how little they all are!!!

I see my baby Paco and can't believe he's riding his bike without training wheels and starting kindergarten this fall:

I see my big boys and can't believe they're 19 and accountable to the law now.

Sniff sniff. I'm so glad I have photos to look at and remember all these days gone by.

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  1. Nothing makes me notice so much how the years are passing than to delve into the photo archives. But what lovely memories they make.
    You have a beautiful family, a proud legacy.
    Love Granny


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