Thursday, July 29, 2010

Old Quaker

An Old Quaker

I want to be an old Quaker. For to me, that means having arrived to speak my mind. That does not mean that I don’t already speak my mind but being an old Quaker means I actually SHOULD speak my mind. By then, my mind and heart and soul shall be so intertwined I shall truly have something to say!

Don’t get me wrong, we all have a voice and should use it – often. And we do. Okay, I do. I speak. I think I sometimes I have something to say. And hopefully others think I do to.

To be an Old Quaker… to sit… in the midst of Jesus wherever I am - whatever I am doing is to “have arrived.” And I’m guessing I won’t even know it. For it seems, with being an Old Quaker I have found the virtue of humbleness. And I’m sure by then; I won’t think I’m close to arriving. Similar to how I feel now, perhaps?

To be an Old Quaker and when I speak to have others nod their heads and smile with awe with knowing that an Old Quaker has spoken.

I don’t think being an Old Quaker and age are related but time spent with Jesus plays a most important part of the transformation from being a Young Quaker to being an old one.

Have I offended with the term Old Quaker? I hope not for that is not my intention, whatsoever! The opposite is intended – praise and humble adoration to those who have plowed through generations of our worldly crap. (I’m sure an Old Quaker won’t use that word, either. Sorry, Mom/Dad.)

An Old Quaker has been around the block. They have seen the life cycle of our times come and go and come again. The issues that have been debated and discerned over time are being debated and discerned again. And they have endured through them all. They have come out the other side wiser, more humble, more transformed, more Quaker.
Who are these Old Quakers of whom I speak? They are the ones who, when they speak, you listen. Arthur R spoke today and I tell you what… I listened. He is an Old Quaker. He hit the nail on the head when saying we have one virtue in common left anymore and that is tolerance. Oh my, if you weren’t there, it was a moment I’m glad I did not miss! Alice M, you are an Old Quaker! Your heart and soul and mind are so intertwined and linked so closely to Jesus, I love being in your presence. Dorothy K, an Old Quaker I get to spend much time with shows me how gentleness and love pave the way for open doors in accepting people in Jesus’ name. My list goes on and on of Old Quakers I just can’t get enough of. I wish they spoke more often but honestly, they don’t have to! I owe much to those who have walked before me as Friends and am blessed personally to be part of this awesome family.

Today, I am honored to be a Quaker. I will keep running my race and know that when I finish and go to my heavenly home, I want to be like Jesus and I see Him in my Old Quakers.

As Brooke Fraser sings:

Heal my heart and make it clean
Open up my eyes to the things unseen
Show me how to love like You have loved me
Break my heart for what breaks Yours
Everything I am for Your Kingdom's cause
As I walk from earth into eternity


  1. The Proud Husband5:36 PM

    Thanks for sharing such a moving moment in your life. As Always, you continue to be an encouragement and a blessing to my life. I understand more and more, as our life is shared together, why God blessed me with you as my wire. I am honored.

    I Love You.

  2. Wow Joy. Very well put! Thanks for sharing. Bev


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