Thursday, August 05, 2010

Simply Simplify

I have been working on ways to simply simplify our lives. Here are some other people's ideas I am way excited about:

Bulk Breakfast Burritos: Convenient, Cheap, Healthy, and Easier Than You Think. I am going to make these up for the kids to have before school so they get the stuff they need while not taking forever in the mad rush that tends to happen each school morning! What I love about this recipe is I can easily make it with all organic ingredients that I already have stocked! Perfect!!! Plus, i can see DH taking some on his way out the door to work. Win-Win!

I was given a subscription to MaryJane's Farm and have truly enjoyed it! In it, I find Simple Solutions to Everyday Organic. I've been challenged and stretched to do things differently and how to go about doing it!

I'm also learning that to simply simplify, for me, means slowing down, taking time to see what Jesus actually wants me to do and listening to His will. He does speak to me, I just have to stop and be still long enough to listen. When I do, I find I a result tends to be simply simplifing!

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  1. I have a subscription to Mary Jane's Farm too, and I love, love, LOVE it! I have gotten so many helpful hints/tips from it.


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