Sunday, January 15, 2012

What We Got

Christmas Eve seems like forever ago and yet it hasn't even been a month.  To hightlight some of our Christmas time. check out the pictures below!

The long awaited Red Rider BB GUN!

Rest for the Papi
 Lovings for Zorro:
 Silly Kids with new Jammies:
 New Christmas Dress & haircuts:
 Some snuggle time between uncle and niece:
 A digital camera of her very own:
 A "new-to-him" iPod:
In 1937, my Great-Grandma Elda received the following:

Table Cloth, Purse, samdwich dish, gown, dresser scarf, book ends, dog ornament, picture, picture of baby, hankerchief. 

One gift was given per couple or family and many were made by hand.  I don't know that we'll get back to how they gave gifts but we're headed in the right direction; drawing names helps!

From an uncle each of my four minor children received Dutch Bros. Gift Cards and I honestly think if this is all the had gotten they would have been happy!

From another they received CASH.  Since we saving for a family vacation this summer, they were THRILLED!

Another gave them a book on CD which they love.

We gave our oldest son a coffee maker, coffee beans, creamer and mugs.

Our next to oldest son got PS3 games!

Our oldest daughter got a digital camera.

Our 14 year old daughter got a new coat.

Our 7 year old son got his BB Gun that he's begged for since he was 5.

Our 4 year old son got BOGS.

The little boys also got "new-to-them" iPods with lots of music on them, ready to go!  (LOVE pawn shops for things like this!)

Our granddaughter also got a "new-to-her" iPod, all set with music.  She also got a travel speaker so she can listen to it instead of earphones.  It was fun to set the kids up with all types of music; including lots of Spanish kids music!

My hubby got work boots (BOGS) and work jeans (Prison Blues) which he LOVES!

I got a gift certificate from my man.  Plus, a gorgeous Black Hills Gold necklace!

We fill the kids' stocking full of fun things:
  • Orange goes in the toe
  • all-in-one spoon/fork/knife
  • gloves
  • toothbrush and paste
  • gum
  • DVDs for girls
  • socks for little boys
  • orange peeler from Pampered Chef
  • Lip Balm
  • Renw Lotion
  • Hotshot/Coolshot
  • Soap
  • Big Boys got pillowcases I made
Not in stocking but unwrapped and under tree were Hot Cheetos for all and Underroos for our big boys.

I love having price limits and scoring big on sales so we can spoil our family a little bit.  Most importantly, it was the time we spent together.  We got out of town for New Years and you'll have to wait to read about that later. 

Blessings Abound,


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  1. The Hubby7:43 AM

    Great Post honey. I love the fun, family and rest we get in that short time. You do an amazing job with planning and ensuring our time is special. I Love You.


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