Monday, July 30, 2012

Challenged & Encouraged

As always, I have come home from our yearly meeting challenged and encouraged.

Challenged to continue to pray for my friends state-side and abroad.  Challenged to continue to seek ways in which God wishes to minister through me.  Challenged to look at what I was spending my time and energy on and what God desires me to spend my time and energy on.  Challenged even more because what if it means giving up some of things I think "need" done?  Challenged to relax and let God take the wheel.  Challenged to continue my Joy Dare and writing down gifts from above!

Encouraged to show love to others daily!  Encouraged to spend more time with Him.  Encouraged to be who He wants me to be.

Easy to type - not so easy to do.  I'd love you to join me in prayer as I seek ways in which God may be leading and directing me.  Join me in praying for people around the world who love Jesus just as much; IF NOT MORE and need to be remembered in prayer.  Join me in praying for our local church families.  Join me in prayer as I prepare spiritually and physically to travel to Ecuador in March to meet Roosbell! 

"Peace and love be yours." Jude 1:2 NIV

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