Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Show Me Your Glory

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My hurdles are not God’s hurdles.  The things that cause me to pause and wonder if God could possibly be leading me to this place are not the things that cause God to pause.  My major hang-up? 
The cycle goes something like this: Money; or lack thereof leads me to another pause: Fundraising; which causes me to ask people for help; which reinforces me I can’t do it alone; which is right where God wants me to be…humble and willing to serve; reliant upon Him.
Reaching the point where each gift that comes in causes a “Thank You, God” to escape my heart and mouth and I couldn’t stop it if I tried.  Knowing that it is only because of God that our church family has already given over half of the amount needed for my trip to Peru – and we’ve had one official fundraiser.  Praise Jesus! 
To relinquish control is so hard for me and yet when I do, I see God-sized results instead of Joy-size ones.  The blessings pour in and overflow when I trust God’s will for my life.  I am praying that the more I experience this place the longer I will remain right here and want to come back to this place more and more. 
This place of peace and obedience and humbleness and awe that I feel is just downright awesome!  I guess I need reminded of God’s power and that the things that hold me up are not a problem for God. 
I have been praying Exodus 33:18 and I can tell you that this week God answered. 
“Now show my Your glory!” 
He did.  Oh, glory, He did!


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  1. The Hubby6:02 AM

    Such a great post. Love to see how God is working in you and through you. I love you.


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