Saturday, February 16, 2013

~ Week One ~

We have begun.  Devotions are being read faithfully, personal time with Jesus is happening and there is a peace among us that can only come from Above. 
In order to focus on the pain that Jesus went through and to remind us of the human sacrifice He is, here are some things we are doing these 40 days:
Collectively, as a family, we are eating a menu similar to that of our sposored children in Ecuador and Mexico.  While we don't currently sponsor any children in Peru, because of my upcoming trip there, we have added some of their simple meals to our menu; as well.  So, a fast from variety and choices at meal time. 
Individually, we have each added something else that we felt would drive home the daily reminder of how  much our salvation cost. 
Things like:
~ Creamer.  The good stuff.  The liquid delight that gets poured into everything from coffee, to hot chocolate.. oatmeal, cereal, granola and milk.  If you think this might be something easy to fast from, you have not met my husband &/or kids!
~ Internet Time: Yes, you read that correctly, I have two timers next to my laptop.  One for facebook and one for internet.  Not counting actual work time, I am cutting WAY back on the time I spend online and instead reading some really awesome books that have been just sitting here waiting for me to open their pages. 
~ Sleep.  You who know me may need to read that a few times.  I am getting up BEFORE my children and having my devotion time prior to doing anything else.  It's going well.  Notice I didn't say easy.  When God led me to this sacrifice, I thought surely He was joking.  I know better than that.  When the same thing kept coming to my heart and mind when praying for what He wants of me, I knew I needed to be obedient.  I praise His name that each morning I hear the alarm and my eyes open and I am able to climb from bed and spend this precious time with Him.  It's become a favorite time of my day!  Praise His Holy Name!
I am continually being reminded that it is not the thing in which we give up that matters but what we do in that time and in our hearts that truly makes the difference.  If I just gave up sleep to play online then I wouldn't be obedient to what God is telling me.  Same thing with the internet... if I stay off-line but read crap escape novels that draw me away from God and not towards Him then again, I am not being obedient. 
What have I taken away from my first 4 days of lent?  Obedience.  Being obedient to what God is wanting from me.  With that, I have to be willing to shut my mouth long enough to give Him a chance to speak to me.  I have to be willing to spend time with Him.  My prime time - not leftover/tired/checking the box time.  Stay tuned.  I have no idea where we'll go from here! 

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  1. alfreda5:10 PM

    That is very good & living close I can see what a difference in all your lives. God IS truly Good, ALL the time, God IS good!!


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