Thursday, April 04, 2013

My Honest Shopping Helper!

Yesterday, I went shopping for sunglasses and a swimsuit. I figured sunglasses would be easiest & fastest so started there. After trying on several pair, I asked Jav what he thought of "these ones."

He turned and busted out laughing saying, "you look ridiculous!"

Back on the turn thingy they went. So went the glasses experience. He, however, found a pair for him & his brother. Hmmmm.

Giving up on glasses, we moved to suits. I knew what I was after and since I now am dressing my truth, I quickly pulled out 4 suits to try on.

Suit #1: "okay, Jav, what do you think?"

"Oh no! There's way too much 'booby crack' (aka cleavage)!" I'll also have you know I have never said or heard that term
in my life!

Off with that one!

Suit #2: "uh, mom, it shows your bum."

Okay, then!

Suit #3: "this is good mom. See how it comes up high & covers your bum? That means you can wear it too see Roosbell.* Plus, it's red!" (His favorite color.)

Yay! A real swimsuit (you know, one piece that has racer back that "real swimmers" wear.

Suit #4: Black Nike tankini with cute swim skirt bottoms.

"Well, it shows a little 'booby crack' but not too much & it looks good on you. The bottom is good because it covers ALL of your bum and if you don't shave nobody will see it." (Insert red face here.)

We came home with two suits and a bonus one since the red suit is fully reversible to all black!

I can only imagine what the sales lady standing outside our door folding clothes thought!

Thanking The Lord for my honest shopping helper.

*Roosbell is our Compassion child I just visited in Ecuador. In Jav's mind, this means I need to 'be covered up!'

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