Monday, June 03, 2013

One Child at a Time

Good movies grip your thoughts for a couple of hours. NOT TODAY hopes to grab hold of your heart … and never let go. Like every good movie, NOT TODAY engages you with its story. But the story is more than just about the characters on the screen; it's also about a people group virtually enslaved and the human trafficking trade centered in India.
Beaten down by the centuries-old caste system, the Dalits are mired in India's thriving sex trade with young children being bought and sold every day. Friends Media, a ministry of Friends Church in Yorba Linda, California, created this powerful new film to be a voice for the voiceless. NOT TODAY executive producer Pastor Matthew Cork says:

Working in partnership with the Dalit Freedom Network, Friends Church has made a $20 million commitment to build 200 schools for Dalit children. With education, young Dalits gain an understanding that we are all created equally and can live purpose-filled lives.

Can one movie change everything in India? No. But what if that one movie could open the eyes of millions and challenge them to join in this meaningful fight? "There is a longing in the human heart for freedom," says Pastor Cork. "It is a universal longing."
NOT TODAY is a powerful reminder and call to action. If not today, then when?

Last September I wrote about the Olympics coming to Brazil.  This hasn't changed - they will be in Brazil and the brothels will be more than ready; as well as recruiters for human slaves. 

What can I do to make a difference?  How my life change after watching the movie, "Not Today," visiting Ecuador and spending three weeks in Peru (both developing countries)?

Child Sponsorship through Compassion International.  How does this help?

~ Poverty is the number one cause for children being trafficked.  Eliminate the number one cause and we have made a HUGE impact on the chances of a family's willingness to take a chance on getting that "better life for their child."  Compassion provides the better life - for all of them. 

It's easy for me to get overwhelmed when I see the percentages and numbers of children being sold into slavery.  I have to keep it real for me - one child at a time.  Mother Teresa said, "If you can't feed a hundred people then just feed one."  I'd add,
"If you can't save a hundred children then just save one." 

Beyond the physical saving of the life comes the spiritual saving.  Compassion works through the local church to "release children from poverty in Jesus' name."  It's all encompassing.  Relieve the hunger problem, the housing problems, the medical issues and the family has hope.  Hope for their children.  Restore the family and show them the redeeming love of Jesus!

One child at a time.  Once you are on Compassion's page, keep your eyes open for this picture:

it means "Child lives in an area with higher risk of exploitation and abuse."

For $38/month, your sponsorship provides:
  • Food and clean water
  • Medical care
  • Educational opportunities
  • Important life-skills training
  • Most important of all, your sponsored child will hear about Jesus Christ and be encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with God.

  • There is hope!  You can do something important - some HUGE - life-saving.  I have seen first hand the difference Compassion International makes.  If I couldn't come home and tell you that it's authentic, we wouldn't be sponsoring four children right now.  I wouldn't have shown my parents a child in Peru who needed their help; I wouldn't waste my time writing you!

    NOT TODAY is a powerful reminder and call to action. If not today, then when?

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