Friday, October 11, 2013

Making Tomato Juice


I found that if microwaved the fresh tomatoes for about 5 minutes I got more juice from them.

Hook up your Squeezo Strainer to the counter/table and get to work!

Year ago, (20?) we were brave and hooked the drill to the crank and we've never gone back!  It rocks!

You just hold the trigger down a little if you want the juice in the pan and not all over everywhere...

One bowl of tomatoes gave me 4 qts of juice.

I have three 2 qt jars that I used this year.  I dusted off my math skills and was able to figure out (all by myself!) that if you use 2T of lemon juice in 1 qt jar, I should use 2T in 2 qt jar.  YAY for my rockin' math skills!

To prevent splatter mess, put a big ol' sheet or drop cloth down to just cover your "stuff."  Also, the drill drips a bit so just throw a rag down.  If you do this before you begin, you don't have near the mess to clean up.  Lesson learned...

Push the tomatoes down the funnel while pressing the trigger:


I canned 21 qts and 1 pint of tomato juice.  It will separate and not look pretty when you are done canning.  That's okay!  IT'S NORMAL!  If you want it to be together, just give it a shake when right before you open it.  If you're adding it to a soup or stew, it doesn't matter.

So, be brave and hook up the drill and never hand crank again!

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