Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What Do I Know of Holy?

I sang this song in church a few weeks ago and it has been one of my prayer songs for a little while.  It keeps running through my mind.  Walking along the sand, hearing the ocean roar, being reminded of God's power.  It's a good place to be. 

I'm participating in a personal group retreat in Oregon.  Sabbath by the Sea is everything I needed and wanted it to be.  I have group worship, sharing and learning together and lots of time to be alone with myself; which I'll admit is a scary thought.

We arrived on Saturday evening to make the most of our long drive and I'm so thankful we did.  Those extra two days gave me a jump start on letting go of things at home and by the time Monday evening came around to start our Sabbatical, I was ready.

God jump started our time with three solid days of sunshine!  A miracle, I know, for the Oregon coast this time of year.  Look at His gift:

I love the light reflecting on the water as it shines through
the hole:

Giant waves pounded the rocks, adding to the beauty
of the sunset:


Glory a Dios!

Yesterday was a good day.  I cried. 
Prayed.  Continual conversation with God.  Out loud, in my head, both...
Ate.  All in no particular order.


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  1. The Hubby3:16 PM

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Glad to be here on a journey together and on our own as we seek God's direction. Love you.


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