Thursday, March 08, 2018


I highlighted several Quaker women last year and for #InternationalWomensDay I decided to put them all in one spot to make it easier for you to find!

Elizabeth Hooton, George Fox's first convert and Friends preacher! 

Mary Morris Knowles was an affluent and influential Quaker woman!  She advocated for women's right to choose their spouse, too!

Elizabeth Ashbridge had a jaded view of Christians... and then she heard a woman preach!

Joan Mary Fry social activist, pioneer vegetarian, and biblical scholar, to name of a few of things Joan Mary was known for! 

Margaret Fell Fox - "Mother of Quakerism" 

Mary Fell Lower, the youngest Quaker preacher!

Amanda Way prohibitionist, abolitionist, suffragist

A post about a few of my favorite Quaker Women!

#QuakerWomen #WomenPreachers

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