Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Time Marches On

Halloween has come and gone and here are my darlings on the 31st of October:

All my darlings: Sky our ninja girl, Melynda our 80's gal, Paco our pirate and Javi our dog.

Then came November and with it came a slew of birthdays. Here are two of our birthday sweets: Brady, my nephew, turned 19 yesterday and my great-niece Karris turned 1 on the 17th. About Brady... I miss him this year. He's been around so much in the past and then my sons graduated and I only get to see him at family functions and church. There are many posts with him in them. Here with all my boys, singing RockBand, first day of junior year (he's the one dressed). He's great with my little boys and amazing with his nieces, as the picture demonstrates. I love him so much.

Here is DH, who turned 40 on the 19th. He's such a handsome man. And he looks great in pink. I hope you read about his arrival to adulthood. It was a moment to be remembered for sure. Along with DH, Brady and Karris, we celebrated my brother Larry's, great-niece Caydance, niece-in-law, Mandy, Reggie's g-friend Jolisa... anyways, there are birthdays the 15, 16, 17, 19, 24 and 28 of November. It's grand family time and I look forward to the food and teasing!

What you see here is my four year's chones (under roos) showing. See the blue band and white between his camo shirt and tan pants? That is what I am refering to.

And this is wear he gets his example. Yes, my sons likes the world to not only know he wears underwear but he wants them to know what COLOR, BRAND and material they are made of. He'll even be sure to lift his shirt for his mommy to take a picture for her blog. Isn't he a good lad.

And time marches on. October is way over and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I am the turkey roaster so am excited for that. I'm also going to try these sides this year: Fresh Corn with Wild Rice and Spanish Green Beans compliments of my favorite Pioneer Woman. My Christmas shopping is complete and I'm ready for family time, Christmas songs (already playing at my house) and food laden with as many calories as I can. My goal is to gain 5 lbs between now and January 1st. Who's with me???

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  1. I am IN! I get to partake of the yummy dishes.... mmmm mmm mmm


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